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Our Mission

To enable organizations to leverage technology to improve efficiency and maximize impact

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of transforming technology for impact organizations in Africa

 Empowering you to scale your Impact

About us

Founded in 2016, Wezana Solutions offers consulting, training, and support services to impact organizations across Africa. We’ve worked with partners in over 20 countries, helping them scale their operations and operate more efficiently.

Why Salesforce?

  • Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management Platform
  • Salesforce is trusted by 150,000 customers global companies and 30,000 non-profits including 99% of Fortune 500 customers.
  • An international job market with 4.2 M NEW jobs is expected by 2024.
  • Salaries start at £35k to £55k depending on previous experience.
  • Salesforce promotes values of trust, innovation, customer success, and equality and they attract a global community of followers.
  • It offers a career for life with a wide range of job roles on offer.
  • You do not need a technical background to learn Salesforce.

The Goal

The Goal:  We aim to train 100,000 people in Africa in 3 years. 

Context:  In Kenya, there are less than 100 Salesforce certified Professionals, and there are no local training centers, we are looking to partner to equip Salesforce skill sets to the youth in the region to give them a chance into dignified employment and work. 

Our Approach: With the unemployment and underemployment rates estimated to increase to six million people in the next five years, majority of that number being young people. The program will be a huge step in setting up the foundation to reach that goal while ensuring young people are placed in dignified and fulfilling jobs. Salesforce does NOT require technical background or experience.

The Program

This program seeks to provide guided training, mentorship and coaching through a combination of physical and online engagements. Year 1 we will have 3 cohorts.


  • Address skills gap and youth unemployment in Africa by training 100,000 youth
  • Include soft skills and job readiness training in the program catered to the Salesforce customer or users.
  • Nurture a talent funnel that connects participants to jobs in the ecosystem such as internships through partner organizations
  • Provide online mentorship structures, facilitation and expert sessions to enable high learner growth and output 

Apprenticeship Program

The initiation program will run for 3 Months from the date the program is completed. 

We assist the youth set up and run Upwork profiles, to seek potential employers and ease the job search journey.

We will also introduce the candidates to organizations using Salesforce and Salesforce Consulting Partners.

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